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1. Going Boneless and Skinless The chicken needs its fat to cook tenderly and also needs fluids in the skin.If you are not a fan of it , just don't eat the skin! 2. Skipping the Marinade Good Marinated chicken gives best results. As a start , try do that an hour earlier and leave the chicken in the fridge to settle.Pile on the flavor with aromatics like ginger and chili, brown sugar (to help the meat caramelize when cooked), vinegar (to help tenderize), and of course use salt. 3. Poaching It (boil in water) Poaching chicken is obsolete. It...

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aklabaity, cooking, home delivery cairo, home made food, meals for kids, working mom, working women -

When we were starting Akla-Baity , we had to look at the numbers of working women and moms in Egypt. Out of the working force 24% are women ,and among these women, 800k work for long hours and come home exhausted. These ladies spend at least another two hours in house chores and 2 hours in studying at home with the kids. Added to their 10 hours business working hours and another 2 hours commuting at least to and from work , they are real heroins! Let's say you come home every day and start cooking   for another 2 hours...

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