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  تجنبي هذه الأخطاء عند التحمير و ستحصليم علي طعم ألذ و قرمشه أكثر

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   A soggy fry is not a fry . You need to make your Potatoes crispy and salty to be called french fries. Here is how to do it :  Stuff you need: A sauce pan or a fancy fryer, whatever Cold  No. 1 potatoes , not the saggy , malformed or moist potatoes Peanut oil Salt  Cooking instructions: 1.Fry at a low temperature until the potatoes are cooked, about 250°F – 275°F 2.Set aside the potatoes on paper or whatever. (Fancy fryers have a wire basket sometimes for this purpose. 3.Increase the temperature of the oil to about 375°F...

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