6 Ways to Make Pasta Sauce Delicious

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6 Ways to Make Pasta Sauce Delicious

pasta sauce


We all cook pasta on a weekly basis. It s super easy , delicious and budget friendly .

Here are a few of my favorite finishing touches for a simple bowl of pasta.

Whole Milk or Heavy Cream:

Add a splash and let the sauce simmer for a few minutes to thicken.

Hard Cheeses:

A half cup of grated Parmesan ,Edam or Romy Cheese will add more savory to your Pasta Sauce.

Fresh Basil:

Adding a bunch of Basil to the top of your Pasta dish brings in the aroma and taste of Italy to your Pasta Sauce.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil:

You will be amazed what few drops of a good quality virgin oil added to your Pasta Sauce can bring to the flavor. If you happen to find flavored oil, don't hesitate to use it !

Pasta Water:

Scoop some of your pasta cooking water before draining it and add over your pasta. A few tablespoons of this starchy liquid is a low-calorie way of adding creaminess to any Pasta Sauce.

Fresh cheese

Always sprinkle your Pasta with grated fresh cheese on the top. Use Parmesan if available for quality taste.

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