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4 Types of Pans you must know

4 Types of Pans you must know

There are many types of pans available for your cookware . We choose 4 Types of Pans you must know . These are daily used pans and they are important for the best quality if cooking

Fry Pan

fry pan

They are pans designed with flat bottom and rounded sides , which makes them good for using oils at very high temperature.They don't come with a lid

Sauté Pan

saute pan

These are pans designed to fry food quickly by moving it around. it is covered with a lid.They look like fry pans ,but they have straight rather than rounded corners. 

Seeing as they are deeper than a fry pan, sauté pans can be used for multiple uses in addition to sautéing. Some of these uses are deep-frying and searing.

Grill Pan

grill pan

It is pan with large flat surface. It can come as rounded or squarish and are used for breakfast foods , like pancakes , omelets and hash browns with a little amount of oil.

Grill Pans that offer a small ridged surface are perfect when you are trying to create those perfect grill marks.


wok pan

These have high steeping sides and are designed for Asian food in general. They have a hot cooking surface at their bottom while being cooler on the sides . They are perfect for stir frying and deep frying as well.


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