4 mistakes when cooking chicken's breasts

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4 mistakes when cooking chicken's breasts

1. Going Boneless and Skinless

The chicken needs its fat to cook tenderly and also needs fluids in the skin.If you are not a fan of it , just don't eat the skin!

2. Skipping the Marinade

Good Marinated chicken gives best results. As a start , try do that an hour earlier and leave the chicken in the fridge to settle.Pile on the flavor with aromatics like ginger and chili, brown sugar (to help the meat caramelize when cooked), vinegar (to help tenderize), and of course use salt.

3. Poaching It (boil in water)

Poaching chicken is obsolete. It rips of the very best of the chicken taste. Instead always roast it at 375˚ . You ll earn a better brownish color by searing it on a skillet with skin downwards before transforming it to the preheated oven

4.Under cooking the chicken

For better cooking , flatten your chicken in the oven , with skin down if you want it to cook in 30 minutes.

5.Throwing away the fat

That's what I call the perfect crime! .You must keep the fat dripping from the roasted chicken in the pan and use it later for the pure essence of roasting. Just pour it over the chicken or use it to make chicken soup later.

I really hope these are valuable tips to all of you.

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